Review of The August Smart Lock Pro, 4th Generation

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Technology is great, isn’t it? We may not have managed to achieve the flying cars our childhood selves dreamed of, but the ability to lock and unlock our front doors with our voice is a huge step toward the futuristic lifestyle we all imagined.

The August Smart Lock Pro is the most advanced of its kind. It connects effortlessly with all the major smart platforms including Apple’s Homekit and Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

It still makes use of all of the popular features from earlier models such as Auto-Unlock, virtual keys, and smartphone control, but also has a brand-new feature called DoorSense. This clever little sensor knows whether your door is open or closed, which is the basis of a whole lot of great features. It will automatically lock the door when you close it, alert you if it opens, alert you if someone forces it open, and monitor how long it stays open.

Sounds useful, doesn’t it? The August Smart Lock Pro packs a punch with its ease of installation and functionality, but there are a few downsides that’ll need to be considered, too. With that in mind, let’s have a look at it in a bit more detail.


The August Smart Lock Pro has the convenient ability to be fitted straight over a standard deadlock, without having to replace the current lock. This is something that competing designs aren’t able to accomplish and means that the average time it takes to install the lock is just 10 minutes. It also means you can still use your old door keys, which is great as a backup option.

This super-fast 10 minute installation time is helped along by the great instructions provided on the August mobile app. With clear step-by-step instructions and short video clips to show you what to do, you really can’t go wrong. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver and you’re good to go. Just make sure the bracket isn’t screwed too tightly to your existing lock, or the Pro will have difficulty turning. It even comes with color-coded adapters that allows the Pro to be fitted to a number of different brands of deadbolt, and the app will let you know which color you need to use.

The DoorSense feature will only work if you install the additional sensor that’s included. This can either be screwed onto the front of the frame or if you don’t mind doing some drilling, can be flush mounted opposite the lock. The latter looks prettier, but the first option is easier and works just as well.

Once you’ve configured your account, your phone will scan for a Bluetooth connection and connect with the lock before starting the calibration, requiring you to simply lock and unlock the door. DoorSense calibration is done by holding the door at varying level of openness. Lastly, you test the lock, and everything’s good to go.

It’s simple to add other users to the lock, and you can define access levels to restrict certain features and give access to others. Guest accounts can also be enabled for one-off or scheduled visits, which makes it great for cleaners or use with services like Airbnb.

The App

Locking and unlocking your front door shouldn’t be difficult, and August’s brilliantly designed app makes sure it’s as simple as it needs to be. The large button can be tapped to lock or unlock the door, turning bright red when the door is locked and green when it’s open.

If you’re connecting with Bluetooth you need to make sure you’re within 10 meters of the door, but if you have a data connection you have a lot more freedom. The August Smart Pro is also clever enough to automatically unlock your door when you get home, which is great if you have your hands full.  Includes an activity log so you can keep track of all events. 

Smart Home Integration

The Wi-Fi Smart Lock has comprehensive device compatibility.  It works effortlessly with Siri® & Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa® and Google Assistant.


The August Smart Lock Pro really is a market leader, and if you’re looking for a smart lock that will seamlessly integrate into your home, this is definitely a good option. It’s easy to install, has good functionality, high security and will make your daily life much more convenient.

There are little niggles to be considered, like the larger size, but this is completely outweighed by all the amazing things this lock can do. It’s connectivity really sets it apart from its competitors, and there really is very little that you can criticize it on.

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