Genbolt Gb201H Ptz Camera

GENBOLT GB201H PTZ Camera Review

An outdoor PTZ security camera with a unique design and overall appearance.  

I recently had the chance to unbox and try out the GENBOLT Outdoor Camera GB201H and can honestly say that I was impressed by the dual lens feature.   In this GENBOLT GB201H review, I cover everything you need to know about the basics along with what I consider to be the major pros and cons of this dual view Wi-Fi outdoor PTZ camera.

What you Get

Package Contents

The GENBOLT outdoor camera model GB201 comes with the following items:

1 x GB201 Outdoor PTZ IP Camera with dual lens

1 x 12VDC Power Adapter

1 x Ethernet 32″ network cable

1 x Waterproof kit 

4 x Screws & Anchors

1 x User Manual

1 x Decal

Specifications and Basics

The GENBOLT IP camera model GB201H is different than most other outdoor cameras in that it has 2 cameras in one.  There is a Fixed camera mounted on the upper area of the outdoor housing to provide a wide angle view and a Pan & Tilt camera (PTZ) in the lower area.   Both cameras can be viewed at the same time on the Genbolt App.  

The overall size is quite small but you wouldn’t get that from looking at the photos.  It measures approximately 15.5cm high x 9.5cm  wide (6.1 x 3.75 inches).   Large enough to be a deterrent and small enough to be aesthetically pleasing.

Overall rotation on the horizontal (Pan) is up to a whopping 355 deg and 90 deg on the vertical (Tilt).  This amount of range would be plenty for a field of view in most home or small business applications. 

As far as color options you are limited to white.  I would have liked to see them offer this camera in the new silver/black color scheme found in some other Genbolt models like the GB216D-K

Plenty of High-Quality Features

Camera Details

The GENBOLT outdoor camera model GB201 provides a 2MP (1920x1080p) image which these days is not huge but it does provide sufficient detail for general surveillance.  It would have been nice if this camera provided 4 or 5 MP image at the same great price.

The camera provides 4x Digital zoom.  Digital zoom uses technology (software) to manipulate pixels in the image when zooming while Optical zoom  uses a physical change in the lens to adjust the distance between the camera lens and the subject.   Optical is always the better way to zoom as it provides the best details or image quality.  As a general surveillance camera the 4x digital zoom is more than adequate.  However, don’t expect to zoom in to read license plates at greator distances.

The GENBOLT outdoor camera GB201 comes with up to 64 Presets.  Presets are a great feature which allow you to define up to 64 different camera positions that can be called up by simply pressing a button on the app.  For example,  you could create a preset for all your doors, windows or patio. Then when called (through App) would move the camera to the same position you set for that particular preset.   

The camera comes with a Auto focus feature.  When you zoom in/out it will try to adjust and provide the best focus.  This works fine and the focus was good throughout the zoom.


The GENBOLT  outdoor IP camera GB201H can be used with a Wi-Fi network or a hardwired ethernet cable.  I always recommend a hardwired cable connection using a CAT5 or CAT 6 ethernet cable where possible.  Hardwired connections will typically provide for a better overall user experience.   However, when running cables is just not feasible then the Wi-Fi capability will save the day.   The good news is that this camera supports both 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi which is not the norm for most IP cameras.   When using Wi-Fi you will still need to provide power via a cable or a local 120VAC receptacle for the power adapter.  If using a network cable you can power the camera through the same cable using Power Over Ethernet (POE).


Note: If you would like to learn more about the Wi-Fi 2.4 & 5 GHz bands then check out our popular video How to connect to 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi

The GENBOLT outdoor camera comes with two Wi-Fi antennas which can provide an approximate  range of up to 15m or 50′.  This is in ideal situations with no obstacles between the camera and Wi-Fi router. Your range will vary depending on your particular environment.  

TipTip:  If your camera is located at a larger distance then use the 2.4 GHz band instead of the 5 GHz as it will give you a little bit more range as it is better at going through obstacles (walls).  

Night Vision

The GENBOLT outdoor camera GB201 provides above average night vision.  During our test it did provide adequate scenes at the advertised 30M or 100ft .

It accomplishes this by using an array of 12 Infrared LEDs and White LED’s.  IR LED’s emit an invisible light that humans can’t see but will help camera see at night. 

As a bonus the camera has some white LED’s built into the camera that acts as a flood light. When movement is detected these lights activate and will allow the camera to see color at night.  Normally you would see Black and White images when using just IR LED’s.

Recording & Storage

Every camera system needs some sort of recording and storage capability.  The GENBOLT outdoor camera GB201 can be setup to record based on a schedule or by alarm detection events.  I prefer the alarm detection method as this will reduce the amount of storage needed as it records only when something is detected.  Of course you could also set it up to record all the time or by a schedule.

Storage of video events can be done directly on the camera using a SD Card (memory card).  A  SD card slot is provided on the camera which allows you to insert up to 128GB SD Card.    Video events are then stored on this card.  You would normally enable the Looping option (defaults ON) which will cause the camera to overwrite old video when the card becomes full.  Depending on how many video events you have in your environment it is possible to store up to a month of video events/clips.

128 GB Memory SD Card

Playback and searching your stored video was also easy and intuitive .  The App allows you to find your recorded events by using the timeline or by specific dates using the calendar.  

Alarm & Detection

False alarms from standard camera detection can be extremely annoying.  Things like plants moving in the breeze, snow, rain, dog, moth, fog, leaves falling, and lights from cars passing by can cause standard detection systems to false alarm.  The GENBOLT GB201 comes with AI humanoid alarm detection.  The camera sensor will only send you notifications when it detects a humanoid form in the field of view.  This helps to reduce false alarms and the constant annoying notifications.  During my tests I found it to be pretty accurate  but was not perfect.  You can expect some false alarms.  I haven’t found a camera yet that can provide 100% accuracy but with Humanoid AI it gets close.

This camera also comes with Intelligent auto tracking technology, the GB201 will track or follow people’s path automatically once they  enter the surveillance area.  This is a very cool feature and I found it to work pretty well during our tests.  However, like any tracking system you can out run the tracking just by moving very fast or by moving behind an object .   In this scenario the camera may lose track of the person and return to its home position. 

You can also set a schedule for your alarm detection to operate.  For example, you could setup detection to work only between certain hours and specific days. 

Motion detection zones are also available.  This allows you to set a specific area of your view that will generate alarms.  This worked flawlessly.  I could set an area or zone and only if I entered that area would the camera detect and send alarms.   Great for masking out areas that might have movement that you don’t want to detect.


The GENBOLT outdoor camera GB201 Wi-Fi camera can notify you of detection events by email and/or by notifications on your phone.    You can set it up to send your multiple live photos with an event occurs.


In this section we have provided some real life images using this camera to give you an idea on what you can expect in your environment.  To demonstrate we place a license plate at approx. 37 feet and 20 feet from the camera.  We then zoomed in on the plate.

GB201 @ 37′ fully zoomed in:

201 37Ft

GB201 @20′ zoomed in:

Gb201 Sample Zoom At 20'

Just for giggles here is a comparison sample using a different 4k Camera (Genbolt GB216D-K):

Gb203 @ 37'


How do you power the camera?

The camera comes with a 12Vdc 2 amp power adapter that needs to be plugged into a standard household receptacle.  The adapter is not rated for outdoors so it should be placed indoors close to the camera.  The cable is approximately 3 meters long but you can also purchase extension cable if needed.

The camera also supports Power Over Ethernet (PoE).  This allows yo to power the camera with the same network cable used for the video.  Your router needs to support PoE or you can purchase separate PoE injectors/router that will provide the needed power.  

Do I need a Internet Connection?

Yes. To be able to use the GENBOLT outdoor camera GB201 you will need a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network (hard wired) with Internet connectivity.  The internet connectivity will allow you to view your cameras from anywhere in the world.

Are there any monthly fees?

No.  No monthly fees when you use the onboard memory card or a Network Video Recorder (NVR).   They do offer Cloud storage for a fee but this is not mandatory.

Can I mount this on a corner of my house?

Yes.  But you will need to purchase an corner mount bracket.  We have provided a suitable bracket below.

Pro's & Cons

During my review I have identified the following Pros and Cons 


  • Can be connected using both Wi-Fi or Ethernet (Network cable) with POE
  • Two cameras for the price of one provides for greater coverage
  • Supports both 2.4 & 5 GHz Wi-Fi  for better network connection.
  • Mounting bracket allows you to mount the camera on a ceiling or wall.  Provides you with more options when selecting a location.


  • No Alexa or Google Home support.  
  • Resolution of 1920 x 1080p compared to many cameras being 4 or 5MP theses days.  
  • Only 4x Digital zoom provided.  No Optical zoom.  



During the testing of the GENBOLT outdoor camera GB201H I found it to be above average for cameras in that price range.  While there is room for improvement, like the smaller image size (2 MP),  and not working with smart speakers like Alexa and Google Home.  I did find overall that this is a good choice for general home surveillance.  With good image quality and above average night vision I don’t think you can go wrong with this camera.  

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